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What is a document?
How to cancel a document?
How to ensure that different users access to different grid layout?
I had created new invoice. When I wanted to edit it, a dialog box pop up indicated that "Access right denied" What should I do?
How do I grant access rights to a user?
How to set document numbering?
I had set Official Receipt and Payment Voucher numbering for different bank but the numbering format did not show when I received payment or make new payment.
How to lock accounting period in AutoCount Accounting?
How to set decimal?

Now is the end of year 2007 and I had created new invoice dated 08/01/2008 in advance. When I want to save transaction, a dialog pop up which indicated that Transaction date 08/01/08 is not in the maintained fiscal year. What should I do?
My actual start date is on 1/2/2007. How to create opening balance for debtor?
How to do depreciation in AutoCount Accounting?
Which column to enter to Edit-Year-To-Date Balance? There are so many columns.
I had created new bank account but it did not show when I make new AP Payment.
I had created deposit account but it did not show when I make new AP Payment.
Why my financial report is not balance (Balance Sheet report, P/L Statement or Trial Balance)?
How to print financial report with Zero Balance?
How to view Project in financial report (Balance Sheet Statement, Profit and Lost Statement or Trial Balance Report)?
AR and AP

How to do Deposit and Refund in AutoCount Accounting?
What is the difference between Forfeit / Refund function at AR Deposit Payment and AR Refund?
Can I customize my Debtor Statement / Debtor Aging report?
How to calculate Commission by Collection report?
What can I do when total lam sum did not show at the end of Debtor Statement Report / Debtor Aging Report?
How to set Debtor Credit Control?
When I try to save contra transaction, a dialog box pop up and indicated that TempAccNo is empty.
Why do I get this error message "The value of column branch in table IPHIST does not exist in its master file." when I rename a branch code in Debtor Maintenance?

How to create opening stock balance for the year 2008?
Why my stock cost in stock card report seems not correct?
What is the function of Stock Group?
How to maintain UOM in Multi-UOM module?
Can I create new UOM if I do not purchase Multi-UOM module?

How to show preview in Cash Sale?
How to cancel part of the items in a Sales Order or cancel partial quantity of an item in Sales Order?

Why Goods Received Note did not post to AP Invoice.